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Airbrush Makeup – A miracle in a bottle!

Airbrush makeup

Airbrush make-up – Flawless, long lasting, light as air feel, hypoallergenic.Just a few words to describe the amazing Dinair product I use for your special day.
Sourced and imported directly from the experts in Hollywood, you really will feel the difference in quality and durability! Waterproof up to 24 hours it is considered almost ‘bullet proof.’ No tears, sweat or even rain can move it!! But, importantly, its easily removed at the end of the night. Looking the same as when it was applied 12 or so hours ago!!
The unique airbrush gun applies the make up in a fine mist. Going on light as air and leaving you feeling as tho your not wearing make up at all. One of the major misconceptions I come across in the industry is that airbrushing has to be ‘heavy’ and leaves you looking ‘over made up.’ This couldn’t be further from the truth! You can have a wonderful light coverage or a more glamorous full coverage to conceal and minor imperfections that concern us all!!
Unlike some airbrush make-up artists I do the entire look with waterproof make-up, not just the foundation. even the eye shadow, blending from over 25 specialty colours to get the exact shade that compliments your features, eye colour and skin tone!
It really is a miracle in a bottle! Call me for a trial today (in Noosa, QLD) and see for yourself how really amazing it is!!

The beautiful Janita


The beautiful Janita was married on a glorious Coolum day at Point Arkwright, overlooking the glorious ocean! Being a beauty therapist herself Janita decided on a more dramatic airbrushed makeup, dark smoky emphasising the rich chocolate brown color of her eyes. Being an afternoon wedding we needed to ensure her make up made the transition from bright sunny afternoon into night time, and Janita was wrapped! Not an easy feat to keep a makeup artist happy while doing her make-up!!
Janita was very confident in her make-up desires and had several pictures for us to draw inspiration from!!!
Janita is a beautiful girl and it was an amazing pleasure to be apart of her special day!!
Congratulations guys!

Stunning Shannon


Stunning Shannon was married on a bright summers morning in the picturesque little town of Palmwoods. Her beautiful beaded bodess need no dressing up, so we decided on a fresh, dewie makeup with a shimmering glow to it – a real princess quality, and I think we succeeded! The lovely Shannon is one of my regular clients and it was a special joy to be included in her wedding day!
There was much involved in the lead up, with late night spray tans, shellac fingers and toes, and a very early rise to make sure we got her 3 bridesmaids, mum and of course the stunning Shannon done on time!
Congratulations Tony and Shannon!!

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